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Welcome to the 2018 World Championship for Mondioring in Moscow, Russia.


With regards to the World Championship and Grand Prix for Mondioring dogs in Moscow, Russia, we should pause and think for a few moments about our four legged friends, -helpers and -lifetime companions. Being together with these wonderful animals is a foundation of human survival and  a source of respect for nature and all living creatures.  Whether it be for competition, companionship, assistance, security or search and rescue; in good- and bad times, dogs are man’s best friend.  


At a national security level, we normally  don’t ponder much about the relationship between humans and dogs,  but we have to realise that dogs contribute  greatly in a lot of cases.
With their great smell capability, they excel as tracking dog, rescue dog, avalanche dog, explosives dog or dogs searching for drugs and many other things, and are helping us tremendously in that way. Dogs also work side by side with human experts in catastrophes like earthquakes and avalanches where they are indispensable in the rescue of human lives.

Unconditional friendship, -trust,  -camaraderie and  -loyalty are  keywords that describe some of the most important character traits of our canine companions. 


I believe that it is of the utmost importance that humans learn to value  respect and cherish these traits. All dog handlers, especially those who are participating at the World Championship and at the Grand Prix, should express their respect to these traits by proving how working with dogs can be fun for both handler and dog.


To organize a World Championship for Mondioring involves a tremendous amount of preparation, volunteer-work and  stress.  I already want to thank our host, the Russian Kennel Union and their  staff  of volunteers, for all the hard work.   


For all the participants I wish good luck and great results at this World Championship.

For the judges,  I trust that their experience and impartiality will fulfil their important task to come to objective and fair judgements.


Finally I  hope that all participants, visitors and friends of the Mondioring sport, will experience a wonderful World Championship and I am sure that they will enjoy the hospitality of  Russia and, especially, the hospitality of  the city of Moscow.

I wish you a smooth and successful event!


Frans Jansen

President FCI Utility Dogs Commission

Dear friends!


I would like to welcome on the opening of the FCI Mondioring World Championship and Grand Prix taking in Russia for the first time!


Last years when the competitions for the Mondioring were held in Russia, Russian dog handlers well advanced. At the beginning of a long journey only a few people were involved in this sport in our country. At present time in Russia dozens of handlers and dogs throw themselves into this interesting discipline.


I’d like to express my gratitude to our outstanding sportsmen, thanks to which we are the honored that FCI has awarded us the responsibility for the conduct of such a great event. Dear dog breeders, thank you for your perseverance and selfless work. This event would not take place without you, and more importantly, the development of Russian professional dogs sport wouldn’t be held also. I am very glad that you establish ambitious goals and reach them against the odds.


Such large-scale and authoritative competition is always an outstanding event and both professionals and amateurs of this challenging sport are waiting with impatience for this championship. Soon Russia will act as host for the top handlers and their faithful four-legged friends from different countries: as the winners of the most prestigious international competitions, as well as those who will defend the sport honor of their country for the first time.


I am sure the championship will be a real treat through to the high skills of the participants and  their excellent physical conditions and desire for success.


I want to wish you all a successful work in the fields, a useful communication and to reach your fondest goals!


Be patient and persistent in your efforts and the results will not keep you waiting!


Vladimir Golubev

President of the Russian Kynological Federation

Dear host, competitors, judges, supporters, viewers,

Good morning everybody,

After France, Belgium and Spain, the fourth Mondioring world championship will be organized in Moscow, capital city of Russia, from the 3 to the 7 October 2018.

Russia’s Kennel Club is in charge of its main organization.

Organizing such a Championship requires many days and hours of work and volunteers which involves a large amount of investment causing stress.

From now on, I wish to thank each and every one for their work.

The best teams from each country will compete in categories 1 and 2 for the Great Prizes (Grand Prix) and, in category 3, the five best teams from each country for the title of World Champion in the individual competition, together with the three best ones from in each country for the title of World Champion in the team competition.

I am convinced that such a great dog-handling country, after hosting two different world championships in the last few years, will do its best for the Mondioring championship to be worth it.

The judges in the different levels will gladly rank all these friendly competitors together with their collaborators and Decoys.


Long live this beautiful discipline which Mondioring is!

Bernard Roser

The coordinator