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We are happy to welcome you to Russia and the FCI Mondioring World championship 2018.

If you have any question, contact our personnel who are happy to help you.

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The place where the FCI Mondioring World Championship 2018 will be decided is Grand-Arena of MAXIMA STABLES, a modern and equestrian club built in European style.


It is centrally located in Moscow region within 25 km distance from the border of Moscow in the countryside.


The club has an extensive infrastructure, which includes indoor and outdoor arenas, training grounds and simulators. There is a hotel, and 50 guest cottages are being built at the moment. MAXIMA VET, the newest veterinary clinic for horses and small animals runs 24 hours a day all year round.
The territory of the club is organized so comfortable that from almost any point, you can quickly get to a competition area, shopping area, hotel or guest house: all  facilities are siuated on the one and the same territory to make the participation in the event more suitable and comfortable as for handlers and dogs as for spectators and guests.