Mondioring, 1 и 2 (Grand Prix):

  • Ivan Shuvalov (Russia)
  • Pecora Francesco Paolo (Belgium)
  • Ivan Dovzhik (Russia) - reserve.

Mondioring, 3 (World Championship):

  • Cedric Haultecoeur (France)
  • Morgan Thomas Blanchard (Portugal)
  • Pecora Francesco Paolo (Belgium) - reserve.

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Ivan Shuvalov

Ivan Shuvalov is a decoy, certified by the Russian Kynological Federation.

Also Ivan has attestation as a decoy of mondioring in France.
Being serve in the army in the Special Division named after Dzerzhinsky (ODON), Ivan trained the service dogs for usage in the law enforcement agencies.
Now Ivan continues to improve the skills as decoy under the leading of experienced and well-known specialists in mondioring: Herve Mavuang, William Langlois and, of course, his father Andrey Shuvalov.
Ivan regularly works in competitions, both in Russia and abroad. In 2017 he was the first Russian decoy who was estimated as "excellent" in frames of International Selection for Decoys.

Ivan Dovzhik

He started in cynology since 2003, in 2005 he graduated as dog trainer and judge in  Moscow Club for Utility Dogs.
Then he worked as a dog trainer in the Noginsk Club "Rus" for national dog sport disciplines - OKD, ZKS, KS, KD, BR. He competed with his dog at the Big Ring competitions.
In 2009 the first dogs, trained by him, passed the exams on OKD, ZKS. Therefore, in 2010, by the decision of the RKF presidium, he was given the official title of the instructor.
In 2009, he started to study at the UDC "Maryinsky Park" under the leadership of Averin IV. (RKF judge, instructor for Mondioring) as a decoy of Mondioring.
On 06.09.09, under the judging of Dominique Piton, the judge of SCC / FCI and instructor for Mondioring, Ivan successfully passed the first qualification and was certified: "MR1 / Apte echelon1".
In August 2012, in Russia he passed the certification as decoy for Mondioring under the French judge Michel Boisseau, and was qualified with the evaluation "Excellent" and received the certification: "Class 1 / Niveau 1".
In October 2015 Ivan participated in France at the international selection for decoys and confirmed his qualification with mark "Very Good" and received the certification: "Mondioring decoy, certified by FCI".
In 2016, according to the decision of the RKF Presidium, Ivan was oficcialy sertified in Russia.
He took part in the competitions under the following judges: Avarina I.V. (Russia), Averina OS (Russia), Ovsyannikova AI (Russia), Margaret Mc Kenna (Belgium), Remund-Kaestli Iris (Switzerland), Arthur Hes (Belgium).

Morgan Thomas Blanchard

I consider myself as a dog lover. Since my young age, I always lived with dogs and had fun with them.
I always had and still have dogs and the family. It would be correct to assume that my love for this kind of sport was principally influencied by my family, and essentialy my father. Moreover, he used to practice French Ring. And, after moving from France, when we came to Portugal, he started practicing mondioring in Caneutile, with Celso Alves.
I always practiced various sports (such as swimming and running), but my foundations are the karate, because I practice it since I was
7 years old.. However, one day my father invited me to join him in a training session in his club. They told me to put on the biting suit and try to have some fun with the dogs, because there are a lot of similarities in the movements with martial arts movement. It was such a great session that from this day to today, I was never able to let go from the sport.
I really loved it. Started practicing in the club, as a training decoy (in 2012). Then started to participate in competitions, as a handler and a decoy (in 2013). I competed in local events of the portuguese championship, as well as I got to finals.
As a decoy, I got to:
Grand Prix of season 2013/2014 -  Level I & II
Grand Prix of season 2014/2015 -  Level I & II
I also prepared myself in Belgium and France, in stages.
After this I competed in the Internation Selection of Vendenheim in 2015, where I was able to become International Decoy and got 6th place.
The following season (2015/2016)  in Portugal, I got to the Championship / Level III.
Decoy of the Year 2015/2016.
Championship 2016/2017 - Level III
I founded my own club which is called "Dogs & Co ", with my father and brother in 2016, where we train and educate all kind of dogs, from day-to-day to competition. Regarding Mondioring, all of our team got qualified last season for the Grand Prix and the Championship in Portugal. And even one of them, "Hito du Clan du Cxian" for the World Cup in Spain, Level III.