Superviser - Valeer Linclau

Mondioring, 1 и 2 (Grand Prix)


  • Arsi Liimatta (Finland)
  • Irina Shmonina (Russia)

Commissar– Martial Beyaert (France)

Mondioring, 3 (World Championship)


  • Stéphane Huber (Swizerland)
  • Ricardo Salazar (Spain).

Commissar – Stefano Cetto (Italy)

International Selection for Decoys


  • Martial Beyaert (France)
  • Arsi Liimatta (Finland)
  • Irina Shmonina (Russia)

Arsi Liimatta

My name is Arsi Liimatta.

I have been in dogsports since 1994 and I had my first belgian shepherd malinois in 2003.

Since then I have been training protection sports, first IPO and later Mondioring, with my dogs.

I have been in World Cup and World Championships with two of my dogs.

It is great honor for me to get opportunity to judge in World Championships in Russia and I'm looking forward to see all Mondioring competitors in Moskow next October.

stefano setto

  • Italian Judge.
  • Italian Decoy.
  • ENCI Decoy Instructor.
  • 3 Time on podium at Mondioring World Cup.
  • Organizer of the 20th Mondioring Word Cup 2014 in Merano.

irina shmonina

Since 1992, I have engaged in dog training. I was the winner for different years in OKD-ZKS, Skijoring, Russian Ring and others.
Since 2005 I engaged Mondioring.
In 2008, 2012, 2014 I, as member of the Russian team, participated in the World Championships and World Cups.
The winner of several international competitions in Belgium, Finland, Spain, Germany.
I was graduated at the Russian Agricultural University and was specialized in Cynology in 2005 year.
Since 2006 I am the judge of Mondioring and Russian Ring. I was invited to judge the competitions in Russia many times.

Ricardo Salazar

From the year 1997 I´m compromised by the sports program Mondioring. I´m president of the association “Txakur Bai Lan Taldea “, non-profit-making of the development and promotion of the canine sport.

  • Judge of the Mondioring from the year 2005.
    I have judge many national and international championships, I will mention between them:
    • Selective in France (Avignon and Bordeaux)
    • National Championship of France of the year 2012
  • Chief of equipment of the Spanish equipment and international representative from the year 2006
  • H.A National in the year 1998
  • H.A. International in the year 2006
  • Competitor of Mondioring:
    • I have competed with 8 dogs different (P.B.Malinois and German shepherd)
    • 4 times Champion of Spain (Mondioring III)
    • I have competed in 16 Championships of the world
    • 57 podiums obtained
    • Champion of the world of the FMBB 2004 (Mondioring III)
  • Instructor trainer of Mondioring
    I have trained many competitors, 8 of them have come to compete in Mondioring world championships in level III. For example: Nuria Garcia with Xeus Du Pre d´amite did podium (The second place) in the championship of the world of all the race of the year 2006 in Portugal (Cascais).
  • I and my equipment, Txakur Bai, have organized 3 championship of Spain and 3 championships of the world (2004 – Mungia, 2013- Muzkiz, 2017- Gorliz).

Valeer Linclau

Starting with dog sport ( fieldwork ) National program 1980.
Participation at 4  National Championships Fieldwork with  my dog  Kefir.
Became judge in 1994 in national Fieldwork  URSSH/KKUSH 1994 and International Fieldwork
Programs  2005.
Judge Belgium Ring  URCSH/KKUSH  1996.
Judge CQN and character test  URCSH/KKUSH 1996.
Judge Social Test  URCSH/KKUSH 2002.
In 1999 Judge FCI International Mondioring. 
In Mondioring : judging several selective  national  and  international trials in different countries.
Nationals championships  FCI and FMBB in 9 different countries.  
The World Championship FMBB 2009  level. 1-2-3 ( all
 levels ) in Prague Cech Republic and in 2014 level 1 and level 2 Tuusula Finland.

World. Championship FMBB level 3 Slovenia 2018.  
World Championship 2006 Cascais Portugal level 1-2-3.
World Championship 2008 Asti  Italia level. 1-2.
World Championship 2013 Musciz/Bilbao Spain level 3. 
World  Championship FCI 2016 Battice Belgium level 3. 
On several World Championships FCI supervisor and/or
responsible for the International selection for decoys.  Over the years selected to participate at the Belgium
National Championships Mondioring with 3 different dogs (Bouviers).  
Member of the national Belgian committee Mondioring.
During  the last 10 years member of the board of the SRSH/KMSH, and reelected till 2020.
From 2007 and till now delegate for Belgium in the International committee SMUD FCI I also do the  
secretary task for this committee.

Stéphane Huber

For 40 years now active on dog sport, he handled many dogs on Swiss working disciplines.

In 1990 he met mondioring for the first time and from this time on I got 3 dogs in mondioring 3.

Stéphane Huber  was on the team Swiss at FCI worldchampionship and FMBB.

Actually he’s working a young dog. In 1999, Stéphane Huber became judge.

He was judge in many competitions: FCI world championship, FMBB, national and international trial.