Veterinary Rules

Dogs brought to the trial must have a provably valid vaccination against rabies at least 4 weeks prior to the event and within the time span of the re-vaccination (as vaccine manufacturers give terms of re-vaccination) that is indicated in the vaccination book/petpassport. Expiry date of the vaccine must be stated in the vaccination book/petpassport. Without this information the re-vaccination must be administered within 12 months.


The vaccination must be confirmed by veterinarian in the vaccination book/petpassport and must carry the following information.

  • Name and the signature of the veterinarian
  • Breed and gender of the animal
  • Dog ́s identification (legible tattoo number, from July 1 st , 2011 microchip ISO 11784 or 11785)
  • Date of the vaccination, manufacturer and the batch number of the used vaccine
  • Indication of the duration of the vaccination

Participating dogs must be under constant control of accompanying person during the whole event.


There will be veterinarians on duty and they will monitor the health of dogs during the whole championship.

Animal protection

Competitors must comply with laws protecting animals.


Use of the electric devices (E-collars) and pinch collars is prohibited (by FCI/RKF provisions). Repeated use of these will lead to disqualification.


Only healthy dogs can participate. No dog can have a bandage during the trial.

Tick warning


We highly recommend to have the dogs vaccinated or treated against ticks. Increased incidence of these parasites at the time of trial is possible.


Also we earnestly recommend you to treat your dogs  against mosquitos, because there is a risk of dirofilaria infection. Therefore it is recommended to give the dogs the anthelmintic drugs against Dirofilaria as before the trip and after coming back to home.


We would like to inform you that the organizers will give a special spray against ticks to each team. This spray is very well proved in the region and completely safe for the health of dogs and humans. We recommend to treat the dogs’ legs and abdomen when the dogs come to the World Championship.

Doping and other inappropriate measures

Participating of ill or injured dogs is not permitted. Furthermore the dog must not be affected in any forbidden way, i.e. been subjected to measures aimed at inappropriately altering their appearance, performance or reactions/character, or intended to conceal signs of injury or illness.

For details of regulations regarding prohibited treatments and measures, please see National regulations against doping of dogs, which also includes instructions if possible to apply for exemption from the above regulations.

It is the obligation of the person responsible for a dog to ascertain how a specific treatment or other measure may affect the eligibility of that dog to take part in a trial, competition or show.

If the management decides to carry out doping tests the person responsible for a dog is obliged to make that dog in question available for testing and for any further examination resulting from the test.